Hey there sorry I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been
1.Studying for exams
2. trying to learn the stuff I mist while I was away
3.Doing assignments
4. Boring
5. Fun fun fun ….not
Today while I was watching volleyball I had a grasshopper on me for about ten minutes. I kept thinking it was my shirt in the wrong spot or something. This went on for quite a while (it was so annoying). I suddenly realized what it was when it crawled onto my face. I wouldn’t believe it. I was totally unaware of what was on me. It was very funny when I couldn’t catch the thing when it was crawling around my head. People that couldn’t see the grasshopper would of thought that I was very strange.

Hungry ? eat food

Teacher: You should have been here at 8.30 a.m.
Me: Why what happened?
(not really happened)

Some have been thought to be brave
because they were afraid to run away.

God is BIG  so whose side will you be on. Live for him or live against him. Only 2 ways to go there isn’t a middle (no fence).