Its all been happening in the world of bloggin bro’s. I am on “holidays”!!! “Yay!!!!!” I can hear you all delightfully screem from here. Hopefully I actually take the chance to take the rest and un-wind a bit.

Also, the comments on Bloggin Bro’s have been spammed. A few hundred extra comments were found hiding in archived blogs. The comments were mainly about online casino’s and other not so nice places to visit on the internet. So the level of security has gone up in the comments section just a tad.

Also, a search function has been added to bloggin bros. Try searching for “diverse” to get one of my favourite blogs coming up.

It doesnt stop there though!! We have also got the beginnings of a half decent apologetics question and answer section up on the site under the “Q & A” link in the blue menu bar.

A quote that came to mind today was this.

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”

Wise… very wise..