Hey there bloggin bro fans…(cough)

As you might have guessed I am back at school know. It is so fun (cough)
I don’t really have a cough (cough)

Yesterday when we got to school there was trucks and forklifts everywhere. They had delivered scaffolding to fix the roofs. There was metal everywhere, I had to walk over metal to get to class even. Then at recess they were putting all the metal back onto the trucks again. It turns out that they went to the wrong school.

On Friday I had cross country ( I came 5th in the school) as I was finishing the race there was some year 3 kids, that were playing soccer on the oval, they were cheering people on at half time. They were yelling out at me Go Geoff go. I was so stunned. How did they know that I sometimes get called Geoff (by my dad even)?


(this is for you Pete)
Today in Big W I bought some “reflex” paper so I put it on the counter waiting for us to be surved and I bumped the reflex paper of the counter and knocked over some Big W baskets so I said, “sorry it was a reflex”. Wendy said “that was so corny”.
Reflexes like a rusty mouse trap

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17