Amanda’s 21st. I’m not sure if she’s family.

Geoff and I were invited to Amanda Lynch’s 21st, which was on last Saturday night. “Who is Amanda?”, I hear you asking. Well, the simple answer is she goes to our church.

Another answer could be that her dad is the brother of my husband’s dad’s sister’s husband. So what does that make us? She is my husband’s cousin’s cousin. Does that make her Geoff’s second cousin?

According to thecousin’s chart on wikipedia (the most reliable source on the Internet), NO! Geoff and Amanda are totally not related by any term “cousins” BECAUSE the Grandparents are not related.

Anyway, I couldn’t go to the party afterall because I had a massive assignment due (which I finally finished today, yay!). Geoff went and had a great night playing games and eating sweets. He even won me a bracelet! How thoughtful of him! 🙂