I never did get around to finishing the blogging on the holiday we took at Easter for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, so here is the rest in one foul sweep.

As already mentioned, the first day we did our usual thing: we went shopping! Good ol’ Sunshine Plaza at Maroochydore. Then we went to hunt down dinner after checking into our accomodation. We had no cooking stuff at all except for a jug, so we got a loaf of bread with ham and pasta salad from the local IGA! Yumm…

Before going to the Ginger Factory, which I blogged about earlier, we visited the Eumundi Markets. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! Think Southbank Markets x10!!!! Couldn’t believe it. There was even German Bratwurst! (Sausages)!! Yumm… and the coolest Birkenstocks!

We then visited the Big Pineapple and had difficulty parking.

(We didn’t know which park to choose! An empty carpark is a problem if you’re indecisive!) If you’ve never been inside a pineapple… this is what it looks like.

Hmm.. I think there was a day missing in there. Oh, thats right. On Tuesday we went to Noosa! And we shopped (surpise surprise), and I got a nice pair of black pants and a pink blouse for $2 each!!!! Go OP-Shopping!

Well thats about it. We came home early on Thursday cause I had to be at a work thingie at lunchtime… Was a fun few days… and I got through a few books too! đŸ˜€