COOKING DISASTER #1: Cupcakes. How hard can they be?

I have this recipe book, about 300 pages long… and if you hold it up and let it drop open at a random page, it always opens at the cupcakes page. Why? Cause that’s the only recipe I use from the book, and I use it often!

Last week however, Sal and Jess came over and we did some cooking. Potato bake, rissoles and cupcakes. There was only one problem. The cupcakes were put on the shelf directly below the potato bake, so when they rose, they rose straight into the potato bake. Needless to say, the tray was pulled out, and the tops of all the semi-cooked cupcakes came off. The ‘tops’ of the cupcakes, left smeared all over the oven tray above, thus baked on well.