image from simpleforextraining.comI have spent some time researching the validity of me doing a little bit of forex (foriegn exchange) trading. The further I got into my research the more I realised that in order for it to be worth the time I would need a bigger investment than the amount I had in mind. Sure, I could sit there all day and do micro trades that get me 15 cents at a time. But in the end I decided not now. It is not good use of my time.

John Piper mentions in a few of his books about a little poem he used to have on his fridge (or something like that). It read;

Only one life, will soon be past.
Only what’s done for Christ will last.

This was an important reminder to me that time is precious, and it is limited in this life. I have a family to learn to love and support and protect better. I have a job with the potential to do much good for the kingdom of God. What God gives each one of us in a life is time to work out ways to love him and others more.

Its good to be a Christian…