I have recently been reading through a morning devotional called “Holiness – Day by Day” by Jerry Bridges and have found it a very helpful reminder about grace in a time that I have really needed to remember the truth.

In the first 50 days or so, Jerry Bridges continually reminded me that grace is the need of everyone, at every time. He knows that we humans are susceptible of thinking about ourselves too highly or too lowly and says both positions need a sound understanding of God’s grace to straighten up our thinking of ourselves.

The apostle Paul (who we could think of as a champion of the faith, someone who worked Hard for the Lord Jesus and gave his life sharing the Gospel of Jesus), wrote the the Philippian church;

“You are all partakers with me of grace” – Philippians 1:7

God’s grace comes to sinners who think lowly of themselves and says to them in their despair that God’s opinion of them is not based on their actions, it is based upon his own choice to merit us with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

God’s grace also comes to us when we are feeling like we have every reason to receive God’s blessings because of our sacrifice for God or hard work for God, and it says to us that all the works in the world will never cause God to show grace towards us. He is good regardless of whether or not you are. Your good works are tainted with the same brush as bad ones, and without God’s grace through Jesus, they too are considered as nothing to motivate God to show you love.

Jerry Bridges puts it well.

“I’d much rather stake my hope of His blessing on His infinite goodness than on my good works”

So would I Mr Bridges. So would I.

Would you?