For those of you who haven’t heard of Destiny Rescue, they are an organisation that rescues children out of sex slavery. They also have a preventative program to try to prevent children ending up in sex slavery in the first place.

Some of the facts about the problem are very confronting.

  • estimated 2 million children currently in sex slavery around the world
  • estimated every 26 seconds a child is taken into sex slavery

They are currently running a “26 seconds challenge”, to help raise money for, and awareness of the problem. To be a part of the challenge you

  1. Become a Partner ($26 a month) or Member ($40 once off)
  2. Find 2 other people to join the challenge
  3. Wear the necklace they send you to help raise awareness for 26 days.

Here I am with my necklace. Join in with me!

Destiny Rescue 26 second challenge
My Destiny Rescue "26 Second Challenge" necklace

P.S. If you are wondering about the cool painting in the background, my wonderful wife painted it.