I debated about whether or not I should post this so early in my blog… but in the end I decided to…. because this was my week.


If you’re a computer nerd, you’ll understand the post title. If you’re a mum, then you will no doubt have experienced the post title.


This week it seems that everytime I step out of the house with the kids, one of their nappies leaks. And then even sometimes at home (and all over hubby and the carpet). Sometimes the nappy has overflowed, but other times the nappy is virtually empty yet the boys’ clothes are soaked.  Or it’s followed by a spew on me. It’s times like these I have to remind myself that:
1. I love my children
2. It’s not a big deal
3. It’s going to be funny later


Our scoreboard for “outing accidents” this week is:
B1 @ playgroup (with no spare pants)
B1 & B2 @ Coffee Club
B2 @ Shops (in harness!)
B1 & B2 @ Park


What has been your funniest/most awkward/most inconvenient nappy leak?