I’m not really sure what’s considered to be the average size washing machine these days, but ours is a 5.5kg. With a family of 4, including 2 kids under 3, this means a LOT of loads of washing. By the time we have leaked nappies, food spills, baby vomit, hubby’s work & sports uniforms… (plus I wear clothes too!)… and then there’s at least 2 loads to do all our towels, a few loads to do all our sheets, mattress protectors etc. It all adds up. I find myself doing a load of washing nearly everyday, and if I miss a day then I have to do a few the next day to catch up. And then once it’s washed, there’s hanging it out, bringing it in, the folding, ironing, putting away…



To help with getting it all done, I tend to put on a load of washing at night (sometimes 2) and pull it out of the machine before I go to sleep, so that when I wake up in the morning I can hang it out at the “first opportunity” (which is generally after changing nappies, feeding B2, getting B1 breakfast, settling B2 for sleep, getting B1 to play quietly without me… etc.). I find this extremely helpful on days when we have to go out, as it saves waiting the extra hour for the machine to go in the morning.


If at night I don’t get around to putting the load in until the last minute before going to bed, so that it doesn’t sit wet in the machine overnight I’ll often just fill the machine ready to go (powder and all) so that when I do get up in the morning I can just walk in and turn it on, and not need to spend the time sorting through the washing etc.


So last night when I was filling my machine it got me thinking about what things other people might do: what are your best washing tips???