This post is for mum’s who think all the other mums “have it together”; or for mum’s who get asked “What did you do today?” and think “hmm… nothing”.

Let me just say upfront. I love being a stay at home mum, and I’m so thankful for all the things that I have – like a wonderful hubby & 2 gorgeous kids, we are all healthy, great friends, close to extended family, we have shelter, food, utilities. etc. Some days, the practical stuff just doesn’t quite come together 🙂

As much as I love getting out of the house, I also love my home days. When I’m home a lot, I desperately try to break out of this place. When I have lots of days out, I crave a home day. I will often then overcompensate and plan a whole week at home, then by the end again be trying to break out. There’s my cycle- You’d think I would have learnt by now.

So yesterday was one of those home days. After nearly 2 weeks of days when I had to go out, I was soooo relieved to have a home day to get some things done. Didn’t quite turn out as I expected 🙂 

4:45am Feed B2, back to bed @ 6am
7am B1 wakes me “Mummy,.. all wet… Poo..”
change nappy & soak clothes, Get B1 milk, back to bed
7:45am Get up in prep for mother-in-law to pickup stuff for sister-in-law
8:30am Feed B2, Get B1 breakfast, put eggs onto boil for lunch
After that
– Attempt to get dressed. Pants need fixing.
– Take B1 to play outside whilst attempting to settle B2
– Give up trying to settle B2, take outside in rocker, grab 2 slices of bread for breakfast, attempt to fix pants
– Give up attempting to fix pants, feed B2
– Get B1 lunch
– Attempt to settle B2
– Get B1 ready for nap
– B2 falls asleep whilst I’m ignoring him
– B1 asleep
1:45pm – Have fixed pants ‘enough’ to get by. Get dressed out of PJ’s.
– B2 wakes up again (10min after B1 asleep), try to resettle – fail.
– Feed B2
– B1 wakes up
2:45pm – throw egg on bread for lunch.
– cuddle B1 whilst watching playschool (he’s demanding lots of attention, jealous of B2 feed times)
– B2 unsettled again
– Take boys for walk (listen to audio book on ipod)
– Let B1 have dig in front yard with relative doing gardening
5:15pm – oops! forgot about dinner. Throw some tomato sauce, frozen ham & grated cheese on burrito wraps – tada – pizzas.
5:30pm Feed B2
B1 eat pizza, change nappies, burp
6:30pm B2 really unsettled
7:30 Feed B2 again
Hubby finally home (walks in and collapses straight onto bed)
8pm, Hubby puts B1 to bed
Finish B2 feed, give B2 to hubby, B2 fills his pants, hubby hands B2 back, change nappy, try to settle B2 – fail.
9:30 ok, maybe feed B2 again?
B2 falls asleep in feed. put down
yay- showertime
oh wait, b2 up again
shower anyway
11:30pm ok, last feed, kid, then sleeptime

[end day @ around midnight]

So in the end- very little time with B1, no dishes, no washing, no nap, no healthy cooked dinner…

BUT – both kids fed, I got my pants fixed and I got to go for a walk  (and spend loads of time on blog/facebook whilst feeding).

And to think, today is another home day…. here we go again 🙂