We recently started Goal 39 ) Play a different “boardgame” each month with husband. The aim of this goal is to have some more intentional quality time together at home, doing different things.

My awesome sister-in-law was lucky enough to be staying with us at the time so played along as well.

We tried to put our serious game faces on, but in the end had loads of laughter.

Game One
Sister-in-law: “I’ve got the best letters!”
Me: “Uh, a pity that they’re meant to be numbers.”
Hubby: “I guess I’m going to win then…” (and he did!)

Game Two
Me: “Hey, I just picked the right number of tiles without counting them soI’m going to win this one…” (and I did!)

Hubby was then determined to prove he could put the rest of his tiles down too , so kept trying… and trying… and trying…to the tune of “I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed”.

For the record, he didn’t.