So on my blog & facebook in the last week, I’ve been crossing off some goals & getting lots done around the house. Enrolling B2 in pre-prep, going without chocolate, sticking by a meal plan, sorting & decluttering, putting together shoe racks & starting an advent calendar. Isn’t it amazing how everything looks so “picture perfect” on the Internet?


In the last week, B2 seems to enjoy waking up all through the night for feeds. B1 has been waking up randomly screaming as well. So with late nights, early mornings and a feed in the middle, I’m feeling a little bit sleep deprived. Enter a day of gastro, hubby having lots on at work and the swapping of two rooms furniture that never quite got completed (partly due to the gastro) so there is stuff EVERYWHERE that B1 is taking great pleasure in getting into. And then into it some more. Then more. Then again


So in summary, we’ve had nothing majorly bad happen this last week. Nothing bad at all  really. Just a few minor inconveniences. But I like my sleep. Let me rephrase that. I NEED my sleep! (Before B1 was born, I used to get about 10hrs a night, wake up between 8 & 8:30 to get to work by 9am. hehee Oh how times have changed!)


Exit “happyhousewifey”; enter “grumpy-unmotivated-housewifey”. Oops! Time for me to re-read this post.


After a few days of battling through the motions, I had a bit of a “light switched on” moment, had a pray about it, and manged to get motivated again to get quite a bit of stuff done one morning (finally!).


Enter a re-energized “happyhousewifey”.


When hubby got home that afternoon, I left the kids with him for 2 hours (yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and went out for a bit of much needed “me” time. I hit up the Lifeline store near us – I LOVE OP-Shopping! I love clearance shopping too. It’s all about the hunt and the bargain! Have had some AWESOME finds! but you have to be in the right spot at the right time.


During this epedition, I got a warm Robot vest for B1 (he LOVED it and is now walking around trying to say “exterminate mummy” in a robot voice whilst doing robot movements), but I also found something for myself – a pair of smart-casual pants that fit like a glove! They’ll replace the pair I ripped at playgroup a few weeks back. Woohoo