As I mentioned yesterday,  I love op-shopping. However, the very next thing I thought of when I found those pants the other day was “if only I could get a second pair…”.


Aren’t they funky? Here’s me jumping and doing a little mid-air kick in them.


I develop an attachment with my clothes. I tend to wear things over and over until they can no longer be worn. I once wore a pair of pants (awesome salmon-pink cords from Portmans) so many times that I wore a whole through the bottom and had worn them all New Years Eve before I got home the following morning and realised. (Oops!) And then there’s the pair that tore (from excess usage) at playgroup a few weeks ago…


Let’s just take a minute to remember those lost, but never forgotten.


So having multiples of items helps make them last longer. When I find something I love, I buy a second one. And then another one in a different colour. (And then another one, and then another one just to be sure). hehe


This is particularly the case with my current wardrobe – more than half of which I’ve gotten on clearance for less than $10 an item, and many for only $5. What can I say, I love a bargain! 🙂


Whilst I do have a variety of clothes, the staples in my wardobe consists of these multiple items (exact same cut, differnt colours):

2 x Jay Jays Hoodie shirts
3 x Bonds hoodies
2 x Intimo wraps
8 x Bub2be 3/4 length shirts
6 x Bub2be short sleeve shirts
7 x Bub2be singlets
5 x Bub2b feeding singlets
2 x Bub2be longsleeve feeding shirts
2 x Bub2be black bub2be elastic skirt
2 x Fashion fair jeans – 1button, 1 zipper
3 x 3/4 length kmart Gym pants
2 x Kmart Cargo shorts
2 x Target dresses
5 x Cotton On singlets
4 x Cotton on shorts
3 x fitted trackpants


Whilst it might seem very odd (of overboard), I find it very practical. I’ve found the styles that fit me and are comfortable. I can buy them when I see them on clearance and not have to try them on (saves time too!). I can mix & match my wardobe to have the same look but in different colours. I can also “dress up” or “dress down” most of my staple shirts using different pants or the wraps & jewellery etc. so they’re very versatile. If I damage one item permanently, or if one is in the wash, I’ve got another one.


So if you’ve every seen me and thought “wasn’t she wearing that yesterday??…. ”

Not necessarily! 🙂