Today is Fathers Day in Australia. Happy Fathers Day to all those awesome daddy’s out there! For our family, today also marks the end of our month-long celebration of Hubby’s birthday. I got the idea from a fab friend of mine who does it every year (WOW!). They have “Month of Dave” to celebrate his birthday, and each year is themed differently. What an amazing wife my friend is!


The day before hubby’s birthday, he came home to find a birthday card stuck to the back of the garage door, and some things on our dining table…



It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Definitely worth it though to spoil my hubby a bit – He works so hard for our family. As you can see, it was a lot of work, but probably wasn’t much more expensive than normally buying him birthday presents & fathers day presents from the kids and I, as they were smaller things and we would have normally bought him half of it anyway. It was just a fun way of presenting it. He’s a big kid afterall; loves his presents, loves his toys 🙂


Food stuffs: Ginger Beer, Monte Carlos, Chiccos, Chocolate

Fun stuffs: Mr Men Carsign, Ninja Cookie Cutters, Stress ball, Lego Car set, iTunes cards, Disco glasses & Rainbow suspenders

Vouchers: Home cooked breakfast, Date Night (dvd, popcorn, frozen coke), Fav dinner “chicken dish”

Body stuffs: Superman Tissues, Superman Bodywash,  “My wife made me wear this” t-shirt

Practical Stuff: Mini stapler, Car freshener, Office storage box, Nerf ammo storage box (hehe), “Men make me laugh when they try to think” Coffee Mug


On the day of his birthday some very cool people also filled his car with balloons (each with a comment) whilst he was at work. There was even a facebook-type sign on the steering wheel that certain people “liked” it. When he got home, there were 35+ images of the individual balloons uploaded to his facebook page, each by a different person. Hehe. Here were a few of my fav balloons.


It’s so important to actively SHOW our love for people as well as TELL them how loved they are! How do you spoil your loved ones??? Would love to hear some more ideas!