Babies smell. It’s a known fact. They can smell really bad from their stinky nappies (my boys are good at this!), or they can smell really good from their baby skin and/or baby products.


I’ve already done two posts on the my stinky boys out in public and at home. Whilst I love that natural newborn baby smell, this post is about the goregous smells of baby products.


With B1, my fav was the Huggies Bathwash (Lavender & Chamomile). Very sadly, it’s no longer available. In my own special fashion, I stocked up as soon as I found this out and we’ve only recently finished our last bottle (2yrs later). I was very disappointed. I even used it myself so that I could smell it all day long. I’ve had to be grown up about it though, and “get over it”. 🙂


It dawned on my recently that I had been collecting all the samples of baby products from my Bounty Bag, Baby expo’s etc, but not really using them. They were nicely stored in a basket in the top drawer of our change table chest. So when we finished our Huggies, I started using them, and found two amazing smells I wanted to share.


1) GAIA Bath & Body Wash – has a gorgesous orangy smell to it! I tried out the samples of both the body wash and moisteriser on B2, and ended up using the moisteriser more for my benefit! So relaxing 🙂 You can get information on requesting a sample here.


2) Aromababy Barrier Balm – with the sickness in our family, nappies to change, messes to clean up… I wash my hands a lot. The skin on my hands is feeling it, to the point where my hands started bleeding from cracking. So I started using this sample from my baby products. Verdict? I love it! I used it once, and kept using it for the smell. It’s working too. I put it on at night before going to bed so it doesn’t get washed off and I can lie there and smell it as I relax and go off to sleep. Creepy? It smells so good! 🙂


** This post is my own opinion. It is not a paid endorsemeent nor a recommendation of the quality of a product. As with any new product, please check product information, recommended skin types, allergy information etc before use and monitor closely for any reaction.