And “what is this badge of honour?” I hear you asking. Well, let me explain.


As any new mum would know, there is not a huge amount of sleep in the first few months. Then comes the introduction of solids, which can cause sleep distruptions. Then when you get that settled, teething starts. Or they get a cold… or an ear infection… Or perhaps your older children decide then to have night terrors. Or have toileting accidents in their sleep. It’s just another part of being a mum.


With a 4month old I’m still in the early phases, but he is conspiring with my 2.5yo to reduce my sleep (and sanity). In my sleep deprived state, I made a few small mistakes. Stand alone, none of them were a big deal. Combined, I have a new “badge of honour” that I’ll wear proudly.


  • I was hurrying [Mistake 1] around kitchen making spaghetti.
  • I was wearing a white [Mistake 2] feeding singlet.
  • I splashed spaghetti sauce onto my white singlet. [Mistake 3]
  • I took it off straight away and washed it so it wouldn’t stain [Yay for me]
  • The mark hadn’t come out [doh!]
  • When going to hang out the washing, I draped the wet singlet over the laundry basin to soak in white-napisan when I came back in [Mistake 4]
  • I forgot I’d done that [Mistake 5]
  • B1 did a yucky nappy and needed a change of pants [not a big suprise]
  • I threw the blue trackpants into the laundry sink [Mistake 6] to soak in baby-napisan after feeding B2
  • I forgot I’d done that [Mistake 7]


I found my lovely white spaghetti-stained singlet, now also blue-stained from the trackpants [sigh]


So, for me, this “white” singlet is now my “badge of honour” and I’ll wear it proudly around my house because it says “Yup, I’m a mum. I’m sleep deprived. I forget things. I do silly things. But that’s okay :)”