Goal 39 ) Play a different board-game each month with husband.

This month we picked up a game that we played early on in our marriage and when we were dating, but haven’t played in years – Skip-bo. It had been so long that I couldn’t remember how to play and we had to read the rules again.

We haven’t played many games at all in the later years of our marriage. Hubby laughs as he tells people that I’m not a good loser, so don’t like to play (and often refers to our playing “Blockus“). Well, there is some truth in it. Hubby tends to be so much better at games than me, that its very disheartening to always lose and for there to be no competition. When I find a game that I can actually compete with him in, and have a chance of winning, it’s much more fun!

Apart from having quality time together, we also learnt something very exciting whilst playing – our coffee table has grooves perfect for holding cards so that they stand up and you can see them! Very cool 🙂

P.S. I won both games 😛