I was skyping with my sister the other morning whilst trying to “feed” (I use this term loosely) B2 his rice cereal (which he doesn’t like and coughs/spits out everywhere). In the background of our picture, B1 then had a big toilet-training accident all over the floor. I can’t remember exactly what I said at the time, but it was something along the lines of “parenting is all about liquids, going in, coming out etc.”


Upon thinking about it, I thought that I had kind of hit the mark, at least with the current stage that I’m in with a 5month old and 2yo.


So here it is. According to me, parenting is all about Liquids –

  • Trying to get liquids IN (drinking water, initial “solids”)
  • Trying to get liquids OUT (blowing nose, baby poo’s)
  • Managing the way liquids go IN (too much softdrink etc, not throwing over floor/parents/siblings)
  • Mangaging the way liquids come OUT (toilet training, catching vomits, not getting poo’d/pee’d on during nappychange)
  • Stopping liquids from coming OUT (blood, tantrum tears)
  • Keeping kids IN liquids (baths, swimming)
  • Keeping kids OUT of liquids (mud, rain – on days when need to stay clean/dry)