My husband is a legend. He got dumped with delegated to being Mr Toilet-Training.

At the end of Day 5, there were still more accidents the than successes. We’ve done heaps of reading about using the intensive/3day plan etc., have been using heaps of praise, said “goodbye” to lots of poo’s & pee’s, have been running him to the toilet, giving him rewards, high-fibre snacks etc. but it’s just not happening. We are having some successes amidst the mess, but we’re still waiting for it to “click”. If it doesn’t happen though, no stress, we’ll try again later.

I always knew (from leaky nappy after leaky nappy) that he had a lot of stuff go through him, but WOW! He’s a 10 nappy a day kinda man, unfortunately! (Costs a fortune in nappies, no wonder we’re toilet training!)

But back to my legendary hubby. After days of being by B1’s side, waiting and watching, trying to entertain with toys that could be disinfected easily… They’d done duplo, read books, played with cars & tracks, done weeding, mowed the lawn, watered plants, modified a Ukelele (yup, modified a Ukelele, that’s what I said)… they were running out of stuff to do. So he created a running track in the backyard for B1 to run, similar to the way cars weave in & out of witches hats. Round and round he went. Over and over. And B2 sat in his rocker at the end and watched as B1 ran towards him, and around him, and away from him… back and forward. Over and over. And over and over. Awesome!

I’d love to hear about some of the awesome things you (or your partner/friends/family) have done whilst toilet training. Or if you have a blog post about your toilet training activities, feel free to leave a link below for me and other readers who are about to embark on this journey! 🙂