If you’ve been following my progress on my 40 goals (which I named the “b2b challenge”), here’s a bit of an update summary. It’s too much to put into individual blog posts. Thankyou to those who’ve been encouraging me along with these goals! Your support has been amazing! 🙂

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2 ) Learn to use manual settings on my camera to take portrait shots
I have been reading up and playing around with it a bit. I have managed to get a few still shots using the manual settings, but lots of practice still required. I have also booked into a one-day photography course in November, which I’m really looking forward to.

6 ) Exercise daily for 2 weeks straight
hmmm… yup, tried to start this once twice. Am going well this time – am up to 9 days in a row at time of editing this 🙂

12 ) Get down to goal weight
Working on the exercise aspect, and trying to reduce junkfood. I’m finding it hard though being awake so much during the night with the kids, getting so hungry!

15 ) Toilet train B1
hehe, yup. I’m sure you’ve read the posts about this 🙂 Two steps forward, one step backwards.

18 ) Host murder-mystery party
Decided this will be with my crazy in-law siblings and we’ve tentatively set a date.

21 ) Have skin checkup
Got the referral from my GP to see the same skin specialist as last time. Yet to make appt.

23 ) Hand-make Advent calendar with B1
B1 and I started this one night. We’re about a third of the way through decorating the squares. I then have to come up with things to put into each of the 24 holes. I’ve been thinking I might make them little bits of paper with activities we can do each day, like sing Christmas carols with Ukelele (its a hubby thing), bake cookies, read a Christmas story or visit lights etc.

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25 ) Get rid of ex-demo Tupperware – sell, donate, giveaway
I’ve recently listed most of it on Gumtree. Have sold one item, with about 30-40more to go!

26 ) Read “Crazy Love”
Slowly plodding along… about 1/3 of the way through.

30 ) Draft a book
This one is a bit more complicated. I’ve been playing with some ideas, but not quite sure. It’s not going to be anything fancy 🙂

32 ) Have 3 couples over to dinner
One down, two to go.

35 ) Journal through 5 New Testament Books
Am up to my 3rd.

36 ) Have at least 5 family outing days
One down, four to go.

37 ) Cook 5 new soup recipes
Four down, one to go 🙂