This week my focus is on trying to use up items from our pantry and freezer! There has been a buildup, and its getting ridiculous!


Monday: Salmon Mornay
Tuesday: Marinated Chicken & Veges
Wednesday: Chicken Stirfry
Thursday: Butter Chicken
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Frozen Spag Bol
Sunday: New soup recipe / Crepes with Strawberry puree (tin strawberries – eww!)



I haven’t decided on the soup recipe yet, but this will be the final one of my “Cook 5 new soup recipes” goal. I’m waiting to find out what vegetables come in my “mixed vegetables” box I’ve ordered online. I’ll post the recipe with my final post on this goal!


What is on your menu for the week? Feel free to leave a link below to your favourite recipe!


The Organised Housewife