I was jumping around and dancing like a professional outside our toilet, cheering on B1 for taking himself to the toilet, pulling down his undies and doing a wee on the toilet. Finally! Yay! After 5 days of more accidents than successes, surely that deserves lots of dancing and cheering, right?


By the time we were up to our 5th celebrtion for the day (yay!),  I started to think to myself, “wow, this is some serious exercise! I guess there’s no need to do the treadmill afterall today! Surely this counts as my daily exercise!”.


Umm… sure! Right?




Don’t get me wrong, it certainly is good exercise jumping around with kids – it’s a great way to get fit AND spend time with your kids AND teach them healthy habits (Yay for multitasking!). Yes, the 2mins I had jumped around each time was some great incidental exercise, but when I had already planned to do treadmill time that day and still had time to do it that afternoon, I was just making an excuse. I needed to see the dancing around for what it was – praise, encouragement and fun with my son, and a bonus bit of kilojoule burning.


It got me thinking. Sometimes I wonder how I have manged to convince myself the lies are truth.


Other great trivial lies I tell myself:

  • If I bake with wholemeal flour, its a healthy option. Kind of true, but eating 5 cupcakes isn’t healthy even if they are made with wholemeal flour.
  • I’ll just do this for 2more minutes… {1 hour later…}
  • I’ll just read one more chapter…{5 chapters later…}
  • I can’t sleep until hubby gets home…
  • I was so busy today… {that I checked facebook 10 times, and my email…}
  • I read to relax and non-fiction books take so much brain power… {so I don’t challenge myself and stick to fluffy fiction}
  • It’s too hard for me to do… {get hubby to do it, rather than figure out how to do it myself}


These ‘lies’ are the more trivial of the ones that I tell myself. I actually have a pretty negative self-image, and have to pull myself up for thinking and saying negative things about myself, many of which are not true. This is an area that I’ve been challenged on recently, so will post more about this as I process it.


I’m sure I tell myself plenty more, just can’t think of them at the moment!


Do you have some great trivial lies you tell yourself?