About a year ago, the small element in my stove died. We decided it was too expensive to fix, so have been just using it with 3 of the 4 elements. I got used to the fact that I had to use a bigger element for my small saucepan, and often just used the bigger saucepan instead.


Recently though, other household applicances & large items seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of breaking. In November our washing machine broke (was fixed after a few days) and then in the last 3 weeks our oven has broken (replaced it yesterday after 3 weeks without it), our aircon has broken (temporarily fixed after 5 days without it), hubby’s car got a bolt in tyre (couldn’t drive for 4 days until fixed) and now my laptop is broken (unfixed)… it has been once thing after another.


Each of these things were out of my control. Each of these things, whilst VERY VERY frustrating, could still be worked around. I could easily write a dandy little post about how I shrugged and accepted all this, but I will admit to this- when my oven was finally replaced and I used my new one for the first time, I cried because I just wanted my old oven back. Yes, you heard me, I cried.


I was extremely disappointed because one after another I discovered:
1) it was SO noisy;
2) it took SO long (30min!) for the cooling fan (noisy!) to turn off after using it;
3) it didn’t have a timer (only an “auto-off” feature – bah!); and
4) my awesome Lasagne dish didn’t fit in it (pffh!).


So, yes, as every well-adjusted housewife would, I rang my mummy and I cried.


The phone conversation went like this, “Hi Mum, I’m just ringing cause I need to have a cry, and then have you tell me how silly it is, and then I can get on with my day… I’m just so disappointed.”


Then once my tears were over, I sat there and thought to myself. I really have two choices, I can dwell on this and become bitter, or I can be thankful and move on. Oh how easy it would have been to sit there and feel sorry for myself, though even with hindsight 24hours later it seems so silly that I was even upset over these small things. So what if, in the grand scheme of things, my oven is noisy and costs a little more to run because it takes longer to cool down?


I cleared my head and I decided:
1) I’d use my mobile as a timer (& set a “quack quack” sound as default! hehe);
2) I’d buy a new Lasagne dish; and lastly (most importantly!)
3) I would bake biscuits that night and be thankful that I had an oven!!


Anazac Biscuits baking in my Oven


With each of these things, there has been inconvenience, disappointment, time spent on organising repairs or replacement as well as a financial cost. At the end of the day though, I’m really glad that these are just physical ‘items’ that are broken. It’s just an oven,  just aircon, and just a car. I am so blessed to have had these things in the first place. They are practical, useful and important…, but replaceable. Things on earth were not made to last, they were made to be temporary, it’s not where I choose to put my focus.


Doh, we’ve just run out of gas for the hot water! I guess it’s cold showers at home for the next few days… 😀