Today I took my 10month old grocery shopping with me. As usual the little munchkin sat in the trolley, and today nibbled on a rusk stick to soothe those swollen gums. The rusk crumbled and went everywhere.


I had a lady pass by me and burst out laughing for all the drool spilling out around the rusk. I had another stranger comment to me on just how much resemblance there was between the two of us.


When I walked up to the deli counter, the lady looks over at the site before her and exclaims “What’s that your little girl is covered in?”.


I turned and looked at my trolley, then looked back at the lady behind the counter.


I answered something along the lines of, “He’s eating a rusk stick”.


“Oh, a boy. Of course!”, she replied.


Again, I turned and looked at my little munchkin. He was wearing a royal blue shirt with dark blue shorts.


I laughed and said “I guess he does have very pretty-looking features, doesn’t he?”