Kids have the most amazing ability to sense what’s going on around them. From when they’re babies, they are unsettled when the person holding them is upset/angry/uncomfortable. They can just sense it.


It appears my 3yo B1 still has this same amazing ability… he just knows when to be noisy! If someone in our house is sleeping, he’ll get out the loudest toy. If I’m trying to speak on the phone, he’ll go grab the loudest toy. Or if I’m fighting off a headache, he’ll go grab the loudest toy. Wait a minute, I’m sensing a theme here!



This is my gorgeous little B1. He setup his microphone in the playpen so he could both scream “sing” and play guitar at the same time. He annouces “It’s band time”. How does his song go? It’s not a quiet little “Twinkle Twinke Little Star” or something along those lines… its “Muuu-mmmmmy, Daaaaa-ddddy, Muuuu-mmmmmmy, Daaaaaaa-ddddddy” screamed at the top of his lungs.


It’s very cute, and after this I did get out the little rice-shaker we made at playgroup last year so that I could be the percussion in his band. We then quietened down for B2 to go to sleep. Mummy (not me, surely I wouldn’t be that stupid) told B1 that when B2 woke from his sleep it would be time to go to the shops. So then started the antics to wake B2. (doh!)

B1: 1,  Mummy:0


B1 was then banished to the other end of the house to sit quietly and watch a kids DVD! (and mummy gets to sit in quiet and blog about it) And so the score evens…

B1:1,   Mummy:1


And on that note, I’m off to take a panadol! 🙂


Header image credit: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos