Setting the scene:

Last night I stood next to the passengers door and waited for Hubby to beep the door unlocked.

He just looked at me: “uh, you have the key”

My response:”oh dear, this may take a while”

*starts emptying contents of mummy-bag onto the bonnet of the car* (as depicted)….



P.S.  Duplicates were removed so you could actually see what was in there. Yes, there were 2 baby foods, 2 pairs of sunnies… etc.


P.P.S. In case you were wondering, the square thing is a tape-measure (never leave home without one!).


P.P.P.S  Yes, that’s a padlock attached to the handle of my bag. Yes it was from a Happy Meal. I’ve lost count of how many years its been there, but it wasn’t from my kids.


What ‘special’ items do you keep in your mummy-bag???


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