Yesterday it absolutely freaked me out when I realised there were only 10 more weeks until my birthday. I’ve been thinking recently about turning 28, because that means hubby will be turning 29, which means we’re nearly 30! LOL.


But that’s not what really has me freaked (I’ll deal with that next year, when its ME that’s turning 29 and one birthday away from 30). What has me freaked out this time is because my birthday is my deadline to complete my “40 goals in 40 weeks“. How am I going? I’ve crossed a lot off the list, but lets take a look at what’s left….


2 ) Learn to use manual settings on my camera to take portrait shots

I went to a one-day photography course late last year. I learnt heaps, have been playing around with settings quite a bit, and have become much better at using the semi-automatic settings (as in, I can actually use them now and get a non-blurry shot most of the time!). This is what I’d hoped to achieve through this goal, so will be happy to cross this off with a bit more practice. (If my kids let me… as you can see below, B1 is not a big fan of getting his photos taken)



4 ) Have at least one full weekend day to myself

I need to look at the calendar to work this one out. I’ve still been breastfeeding B2 twice during “day” hours, so will try to schedule it in at the last minute when we’re doing to one feed during the day.


7 ) Do 10 pages in B2’s scrapbook

So far I’ve done 7 pages (the picture of the quote at the top is from one of the pages). They’re safely tucked in the back of B1’s scrapbook because I haven’t actually purchased an album for B2 yet. #motheroftheyear


10 ) Go without internet for an entire work-week whilst at home

Again, REALLY need to look at the calendar and try to figure this one out. Hubby and I have even had a talk to try to work out when would be most convenient! (I still can’t believe how tied I am to the Internet, which is exactly why I wanted to try this!!). First I’d better pay all those bills and schedule in some serious Skype time…


25 ) Get rid of ex-demo Tupperware – sell, donate, giveaway

I’m pretty much done with this. I have one bowl I want to fill with home-made cookies and give to someone,  I have an annoying basket floating around with some games gifts and I also have some keyrings. Perhaps I should do a fun giveaway on the blog with the keyrings, though would cost a small fortune in postage! Hmm…


27 ) Organize kids toys

I have worked on this a few times, each time we move the furniture around. Now I’m waiting for Starmaid 4 x 10L containers to go on special (or if you know of any other plastic tubs with lids where you can fit 2 on top of each other in an Ikea Expedit unit, let me know!) and then a bit of time without interuptions to do it. I also need to do up the pretty laminated labels for them all, once they are finally in their permanent home.


28 ) Sort & box for storage baby clothes up to size 0

I’m just about done on this one too. B2 is now wearing 0’s, so I have done up to 00’s. The mountain of Huggies boxes in the boys’ cupboard looks pretty spectacular!


29 ) Setup room for B2

When I first wrote this goal, we had planned for B2 to have his own room. We now have another person living with us, so have moved B2 in to share with B1. This goal will be crossed off as soon as the boys toys are finished being sorted, as that is the last aspect of doing the boys’ room.


30 ) Draft a book

This one sounds much bigger than it is. I’d been playing with some ideas for a gift-book, that I wanted to get printed to give to some friends. I wrote up a draft late-last year, but wasn’t overly happy with it. It’s been put on a back-burner. I want to try another shot.


31 ) Journal through 2 Old Testament Books

I’ve been reading both Genesis and Proverbs, but haven’t started journalling them. (See Goal 35)


34 ) Complete 4 modules of EPM

I have to attend one more seminar and meet with my mentor twice more to have completed four modules.


35 ) Journal through 5 New Testament Books

Late last year I journalled through two NT books, but am currently working through a devotional book. I’m going to try alternating my journalling days with my devotional book and see how that goes.


36 ) Have at least 5 family outing days

So far we’ve had three intentional family outing days. My favourite was when we went to bookfest and took the boys on a citycat. B1 absolutely loved it!



38 ) Have a ‘date’ night with my husband at least once a month

I’ve loved doing these each month. Sometimes we’ve gone out for an hour or two, but others we’ve stayed home and done something after the kids have gone to bed. We even got to the movies!


39 ) Play a different board-game each month with husband

Hubby and I have enjoyed trying out a few new games – we even played a game at our local Coffee Club one night!


40 ) Do monthly footprints for B2

Sometimes a little bit late, but we’re getting there! Only a few more to go until we have his entire first year in footprints.