B1, my 3 year old son, has quite a varied wardrobe. He has jeans, denim shorts, boardshorts, elastic pullup shorts, trackpants…. he has singlets, tshirts, collared shirts, … and quite dressy shirts. Whilst at home he lives in the k-mart and big-w clothes I buy on clearance, generally for $1-3each, but when he goes out I try to dress him in better clothes.


As I’m quite a “clearance shopper”, and love a good bargain, I have managed to pick him up some nice clothes & licenced clothes quite cheaply (ie. 75% off and more!).


However, B1 has recently decided that he likes to pick his own clothes. And, I used the word “pick” quite intentionally, as he’s quick “picky”.


He has these shorts called “up shorts”. I’m not sure why they’re called “Up shorts”, but they’re shorts with elastic at the waist where they sit above the knee. Oh, somebody help us if his shorts were to touch his knees! The name may have come from toilet training, in taht they were the easy pants to pull “up”, but we’re not sure.


This actually started by him doing a “bend test”, where after he would put on his pants he would do a squat to see if he could bend. I’ve lost count of the number of times we had a very frustrated mummy and tantrums&tears (B1 of course, not mummy) because “Can’t bend, mummy, can’t bend!”.


And so I tried to find him more and nicer looking “up shorts”. He used to have a specific brand of shorts when he was in Size 2, and they were perfect. But as soon as he went up to a Size 3, he changed from the “Toddler” range to the “Boys” range, and the equivalent pair that I can find are now past his knees. OH DEAR! And so the serach continues. For now, we are just making the most of the “up shorts” that we’ve got, and I’m keeping a look out for more (though as you’ll see below, there is a common theme …)


So, why am I writing this? This is my official defence for when he’s 25 years old and he comes to me with his toddler photos as says, “I can’t believe you dressed me like that, Mum? What were you thinking!”. Trust me, most of the time I wouldn’t dress you like that to go out either, sweetheart. Sometimes, yes. Usually, no.


Yup, these are upshorts. Toy Story pyjama pants.


More upshorts (pumpkin patch pyjamas, believe it or not)


And more. A pair of Winnie the Pooh pyjamas.


And his "football upshorts" (Broncos pyjamas)



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