This “work” week (Monday to Friday) I’ll be going without the Internet as part of my “40 goals in 40 weeks“. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but now I’m getting  a little nervous.


In theory, I’ll be so much more productive without housework and my goals, have so much more time to do things with the kids and hubby, and hopefully be a little more active. At least that was what I thought when I set the goal.


Why am I nervous then? I’ve come to depend on the Internet for so many things…

– Checking our bank balance

– Getting event details (facebook)

– Communicating with friends/mentor (facebook & email)

– Blogging & facebook page for my blog 🙁   – I’ll miss you all!

– Checking the weather forecast and radar for rain (before hanging the washing!)

– Paying bills

– Finding phone numbers

– Whereis or Google Maps to know how long it will take me to get somewhere

– Finding recipes

– Emailing/Skyping family overseas

– Online dictionary for checking spelling/meaning of words

– Having a laugh & being encouraged with facebook pictures!

– Checking catalogues and specials for shopping

– Finding out postcodes

and lastly…

– Googling random things I want to know!


Wow, it seems like so much when I put it in writing like that! It would have been so different being a “grown up” prior to the Internet being so commonly used! 


I’m thinking what I’ll miss most though will be the the inspiration, encouragement and laughs I get each day online from friends, random facebook updates, the “happyhousewifey” community of readers (you!) and the blogs I follow.


Hubby will be “in control” of the facebook page for the week so make sure you drop by and say hello . He’s a pretty top bloke. Oh dear, this is SUCH an exercise in trust! What was I thinking?


How can you help?

1. wish me luck… along with any tips & tricks (get in quick!)

2. pray for me….

3. this week when you stumble across something really inspirational or something so hilarious that it gives your pelvic floor a workout… I’d love for you to send me a link to it via the “contact” tab above (or tag happyhousewifey if its on facebook) because I’ll be sad if I miss out on “this week” of Internet festivities!!!!!  🙂


If I get enough, next week I’ll put together a blog post of “the week that I missed” where I share some of the best links that were sent to me!


I’m off to hunt down my Refidex (street-directory). This could be a long week…


Image Credit: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos