8:30pm Got home from huge day. Went online to do final thinfew things #SadNews #Shocked #HeadedOverToFriendsPlace



12:02am Went to Google something on phone already!  #Doh

4:05am Home sweet home. Ready for head to hit the pillow #Yippeee

4:20am Head hits pillow. Baby wakes. Starts day. #GoingToBeLongDay

09:00am Dear Toddler. Today is not the day for this. Seriously. Love Mummy. #WorstBehaviourEver  #SoProudOfMySelfControl

11:05am Where is my white suit? Surely I deserve one today. And a nice white room with padded walls. #OhBoy

05:28pm Is 5:30pm too early to put my kids to bed? #HadEnough

7:10pm Wooohooo! Sleep time for me #Finally

8:15pm Dear baby. Now is not the time to be inconsolable. Vomit. #Doh #CallDoctors

11:10pm Let’s try that sleep thing… #Again



4:00am Dear baby, not again. #GoingToBeLongDay

9:30am I’m not sure who looks forward to playschool more. My toddler or me #PeaceAndQuiet #DishesTime

12:45pm Nap time for all! #Finally

3:15pm Finished my 2nd nap for today. Thinking it’s time I got out of my PJs. Or I could just shower and get back into them ready for bedtime

4:30pm Pumpkin over the side fence. It will be pumpkin scones for tomorrow #NeighbourSavesTheDay

5:15pm Stabbed my same thumb twice in few minutes with same knife #DidNotLearn

6:45pm Trying to decide what movie I have recorded to watch. Really want to look them up on IMDB so I know what they’re about #Doh



11:30 So proud of B1. In his own words “Went to Mops. No tears!” #FirstTimeNoTantrum #FinallyGettingSomewhere

2:00pm So tired #SoTired

7:30pm Spur of the moment grocery shopping. Started sending sms “tweets” to friends & hubby. #InternetWithdrawals

7:55pm @Hubby Shouldn’t have looked at the catalogue! #PringlesOnSpecial

8:00pm @Hubby Did you still want milo? #WifeOfTheYear



8:00am Trying to get ready for National Playgroup Week event. Tired Mummy. Grizzly Kids. Messy House. #NotSureIfItsWorthTheEffort

12:30pm Caught up with few friends. So proud of B1 for patting a snake & leaving my side for a bit. Coffee with my Parents #WorthTheEffort

8:30pm Bodybalance class at gym #ForcedToGo #WorthTheEffort #ThankyouHubby



12noon How do you describe a funeral? #Speechless

1:15pm Baby wouldn’t feed. Possibly starting to self-wean #FeelingRejected #BeingOptimisticAboutFreedom

2:30pm The clouds pee’d on my washing, but gave me a gorgeous rainbow #WorthIt

4:45pm Asking the same question as Monday. Is 5:30pm too early to put my kids to bed? #HadEnough

6:00pm Love my mum! #Hugs #SavesTheDay



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