When I wrote up my goals roughly 8 months ago, one of the things I wanted to incorporate was time together with my husband and my family. I wanted to have quality time together, and do some new things that we haven’t done before. We’ve been working at this over the past 8 months and had some fun outings together, but it has been a bit of  struggle at times. So when were invited to come and checkout the new Dreamworks Experience at Dreamworld, hubby and I were both a little excited.


Our often shy and timid B1 had never been on any rides, or to any Theme park, so we were hoping he would be brave and have a fabulous time. The day before, we sat him down to watch Shrek so he would recognise the big Ogre! We got him all pumped up, and he was super-excited.


When we arrived, we watched the Tower of Terror and other ‘scary’ rides we could see. We reassured B1 we would only take him on safe rides he would like. He enjoyed watching the ‘scary’ ones though, and was so excited he just wanted to go in! Of course, B2 wanted in as well!



Nearly time to go in…



The Dreamworks Experience Precinct, at completion, will have areas designated to the Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek movies. We were invited to an evening event to checkout the Madgascar and Shrek elements of the precinct. (Kung Fu Panda land will be completed late in 2012 with brand new rides and attractions). So to start the evening off, we were taken to one of Dreamworld’s eating areas, where we munched on kebabs, sushi and PIZZA! And there were pretty helium balloons… It looked fabulous, the food was great and the staff were lovely! A great place for an event.


When we first walked into the DreamWorks Experience Precinct, I felt like a kid entering a candy store – so many things to choose from and it all looked so great! We walked firstly into the “Madagascar Madness” jungle area. So much effort had been put into all the small details, it looked fabulous! So bright and colourful for the kids, with everything themed. So where did we go first? Hubby and B1 went straight to play with the foam ball canons, of course! B2 and I waited patiently outside (you have to be over 12months to go in), but then it was my turn to go in with B1. He took me up to show me how it all worked, and didn’t want to leave….


After dragging B1 away from the foam ball canons, we went down into “Shrek’s Faire Faire Away”. Lucky hubby got to test out all the rides with B1, whilst B2 and mummy took photos. First, they hit the Puss in Boots Sword Swing. (How gorgeous does it look at night with the moon!)



Yes, even with his long legs hubby managed to squeeze into this one too! B1 loved being able to control moving up and down as they ‘flew’ around.


There were so many things to do… B2 was a bit impatient wanting for hubby and B1 to get off the Ogre-Go-Round… (again, kids have to be over 12 months, so he couldn’t go on and we had to wait outside).



There are lots of characters to meet…



… and so many places to get family photographs, or photos of the kids… (not that mine tend to look at the camera at all…)



There are shops to visit…



And even things that would amuse the daddys parents waiting for kiddies on the rides…



We finished off the night watching the Madagascar Live show. There was opportunity to sing along, as well as time for some of the kids to get up and participate in the show.



B1 wanted to stay for more, but with overtired B2 it was definitely time to head home. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening checking out the Dreamworks at Dreamworld experience, and would highly recommend it to others. Several other bloggers who attended the event have shared about their experience too – you can read about them at Seven Cherubs, Five Little Reasons, My Life As A Cake, Accidental Wonderland and Little Swallow.


Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the evening event for free, and during the dinner the kids were each given a giftbag. We were not obligated to write about the experience, however we had a fabulous time and I wanted to share! Thanks to Dreamworld for the fabulous family outing!