Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for “Thankful Thursday”, this week in Haiku.

(A Japanese poem with varied forms, I’ve gone with the simple “five-seven-five” syllable pattern.)


A day to myself

No children to think about

Now what should I do?


Maybe a massage

Or I could go for a spa

Hmm… Maybe do both!


I’ve got a good book

Perhaps I’ll grab a coffee

Without kids screaming.


Ah, Complete silence.

No “Mummy, Mummy, Poo, Pee…”

Just me and my thoughts.


It will be peaceful

But at the end of the day

I’ll gladly go home


I’ll walk into noise

Mess, tantrums, kisses and hugs

Thankful for my boys!


Image Credit: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos