Do you find you fall into the role of the nit-picky, nagging wife?? When you haven’t had much sleep, the kids are sick, the house is a mess and you have lots on the calendar – I know I do! At times like these, my husband’s faults seem to jump out at me all the more! I notice EVERY. LITTLE. THING!


So as we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this year, I’ve written a list of 8 things I love about my husband. Let’s see if I can try to remember and focus on these next time I’m cranky…


I love the way….


1) … he makes me laugh. During the early stages of our relationship, we used to laugh so hard my cheeks and tummy would hurt – all the time. Whilst those times are fewer and more far between these days, he still makes me laugh, and he continues to try even when I’m tired, grumpy and focused. He knows I need it, and I do. You are right,sweetheart, we need more of this. Thankyou!

2) … he takes his responsibility for our family seriously. He is commited to our family, and leading it well. He wants to be a fabulous husband and father, and makes personal sacrifices for the benefit of our family.


3) … he is trustworthy. I know I can trust him with big things.


4) … he has interesting taste in clothes. This ties back to point 1 – he makes me laugh! hehe:) We have very different tastes in clothes (he’d love nothing more than to wear boardshorts and a t-shirt everyday…), so I have some good giggles over his ‘matching’ outfits, but I love that he has his own style, and it suits him. He also will ask and listen to my advice when we have to go somewhere we have to “dress up”.


5) … he has integrity. If he is convicted of something, he’ll do his best to follow through. Even when it’s tough.


6) … he has learned how to be a great listener when I need him to be. He will be the first to admit that I say things and they go “in one ear and out the other” (ie. appointment dates, things to do etc.), but when I’m upset he’ll ask me something along the lines of “do you want me to help problem solve, or just listen?”, and when I say “just listen” he’ll do just that, give me a hug and let me talk and cry it out. *Perfect*


7) … he isn’t afraid to watch a chick flick. He’s even watched both versions of Pride and Prejudice. Probably a few times each.


Lastly, and most importantly:


8) … he loves Jesus. He aims to be obedient and to glorify God in all that he does.


Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary, baby.

I’m looking forward to many more xx