For those who read my Haiku last week about the day I was dreaming up, this is what ACTUALLY happened. Turns out I was pretty close!


An outline for hubby of the kids routine, with some snacks & emergency food.


Starting the day reading my Bible quietly (no disruptions!) with a hot chocolate.


Then I got to spend a gift voucher from Christmas at the Factory Outlet!


Arriving for my massage. Ahhh…


This photo really didn’t do the room justice, but had to take the photo in this direction because of the light from the other window, which was beautifully decorated. So, so relaxing!


And then followed by a spa!


Even the toilet was pretty!


After lunch, and purchasing more essential “up shorts” for B1, I headed off for a walk by the water.


And stopped for a while to practice the manual settings of my camera.



And then it was hometime!

So thankful for the opportunity to escape and have some “me” time. Much needed. Now back to usual…



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