Today I was reading a post by Corrie at “Retro Mummy”– which is kind of along similar theme of what’s been going on in my head for the last few weeks as I’ve been relatively silent on my blog. She pretty much explains how there is so much more going on in her life than what is able to be portrayed on her blog. She says, “You see a little glimpse of that person’s life.”


Last night hubby and I were talking about just this. Whilst my blog only shows a “glimpse” of my life, I really want my blog to be a ‘real’ picture of me – I don’t want to misrepresent myself and the life I live. But it’s so hard when I cannot include so much.


For the past few weeks, my simple answer to this has been to not blog anything at all. It’s been a big few weeks for us in this household. So much has been swirling around in my head; so much that I’ve wanted to put to ‘paper’, but so much I just haven’t been able to share. It’s not mine to share.


There has been so many emotions and feelings in the past few weeks. Tiredness, frustration, pain, shock, complete numbness, impatience, repetition, grieving, unknown, hope and waiting.


While life virtually stood still for a while for our household and so many people around us, due to various events and circumstances in the past few weeks, I struggled with how I could still put something on my blog without it being seen or taken as the “whole” of what was going on in our lives at the moment. To put out anything on my blog felt like hypocrisy when inside I felt completely gutted.


What I’m reminded of as I type this, is how we read about famous people in the media. Will Brad & Angela get married or are they having another baby? Are Bec & Lleyton blissfully happy or not? They are just people, like us, and we only see a hint of their lives. It really isn’t our place to judge. And so it is with bloggers. They (we) are just people, everyday people, and we only see a hint into their lives.


So…. relate where you can relate, be encouraged when you can be encouraged, learn where you can learn, be inspired where you can be inspired and please contribute and comment where you can add value… and remember that we are just people too, with so much more going on than we could ever put into words.


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