Though it has been 10 years, in some ways it seems like just yesterday when we were first introduced, thrust together by a mutual friend. She was so eager to introduce us, knowing we would be a “good fit” in time, even though you were somewhat strange looking and had (what I thought was) a unique personality.


That first day was a little uncomfortable as we got to know one another, a long walk by the river and a quiet Italian lunch. You endured a long shopping trip, as we were dragged around by our aforementioned friend and enticed to spend my hard-earned student income on the most expensive clothes I had ever purchased (but soon came to love and were worn to shreds – literally!).


As our friendship grew, your once strange-looking and unique character became popular. This was intimidating for me, and I’m so glad we stuck together through the ups and downs, and we didn’t part ways as would have been easy.


You have grown to become a part of my life in so many ways, a support when walking the journey is tough, your conservative nature to dial me back when I go somewhat crazy. I love the way we hung out, shared so many high’s and lows. You understood when it was time to step aside because I needed to walk on my own. I appreciate the way you know me so well and have moulded to fit me in so many areas, just as I have been able to give you some extra TLC when you needed it.


I have loved getting to know your diverse family in the last few years, with them also becoming some of my closest friends. We have lots of fun and adventures together, and brought smiles to many faces.


It is with much sadness that we must part, as our 10year journey has been very special to me and you hold a special place in my heart. It has been a drawn-out farewell and we have clung on for so long, but we both knew it was inevitable.


I know you wish me well, and that you are happy for me to continue on my journey with your family that are now so close to me. Together, we will not forget you: the many adventures, the sacrifices, the support and the times you alone kept my feet above the water.


So long, dear friends. You were my first pair of Birkenstock shoes, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll miss you, but the tip is really the best place for you now.



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