What’s so unique about this chart:

It is so simple, it can be used by children young or old!

It has magnets to go on the fridge for easy keeping, but can be put into a handbag easily and taken with you where ever you go.

You do not need any additional stickers or pens to ‘fill it out’.

You can re-use it over and over again, changing the rewards and way to achieve the goal.


Age: approx 3+ years (dependant on child)


How this chart is used:

The character peg progresses forwards (or backwards) to gain reward at the end.

You can set whatever rules/incentives would work for your child (how we’ve used it is at the bottom of the instructions).

eg. move forward for good manners, backwards for demanding/tantrums

move forward each time child eats all their vegetables at dinner, with special dessert at end

move forward each day having a clean room, rearrange room at the end

move forward for doing chores without prompting, with outing at the end

Tools to make: 

Printout of Character and Milestones (eg. Fireman & 5 fires, Princess & 4 dragons)


Laminator & Pouch  (**substitute cardboard if you don’t have a laminator)



Masking Tape

Thin magnet – cut into pieces


How to make:

In a word processor, use pictures to create a page that has a number of milestones in a row to progress through. On a seperate line include a picture of the character to progress through the chart. Each of the pictures should be about 3-4cm tall.

In the boy example above, I used five fires for the fireman to ‘fight’ to progress to the end. In the girl example below, there are four dragons for the princess to overcome to get to her castle. You could use a football player with balls to kick into the goals, or a ballet dancer with different moves to complete before the end. The possibilities are endless.


Print out the document, and laminate it.

(**Could glue paper onto cardboard if you don’t have a laminator)

Cut out the little figure.

Using either some rolled up masking tape or glue, stick the character onto one side of the peg.

Glue a strip of your magnet onto the other side of the peg and leave to dry.

Character peg is now finished.

Cut the main strip out.


Cut the remaining magnet into pieces and stick to the back of the main chart strip. This can be done using masking tape or glue (the magnets will work better using glue, but sticky tape is faster!).

Clip the beg onto the start and begin use! Ready, set, GO!

Our 3yo got to progress forward one ‘fire’ each time he used good manners without prompting. For using bad manners, tantrums or hurting his brother he would move back one ‘fire’. When he got to the end he was able to wear his new fireman jumper we bought for $8.00. The whole time we’ve been reinforcing to him how fireman are helpers and have good manners, so he can only wear the jumper when he uses his good manners. Once he’d earned the opportunity to wear the jumper he would have to take it off if he used bad manners and went backwards. For the past 3 days it has been working really well, so hoping it will continue!


Love it?



The concept of using pegs was from the “Perry Family Rules Chart” I’d seen at the Power of Mom’s retreat I went to.

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