I recently did a bit of a furniture shuffle, where I stole this ‘white’ expedit unit from hubby’s study and turned it on it’s side to use it in the entry of our home. It was practical, but it looked so bare on top. I didn’t want to leave it bare, knowing it would end up a dumping ground, so my lovely housemate and I tried to find items in our house that could be put together to form an attractive centrepiece. I’d recently bought these aqua candle glasses and feathers, and our lovely housemate had this white mirror we thought would look great. The only problem was we soon discovered that the ‘white’ mirror and ‘white’ expedit units were in fact different whites! They CLASHED! It was really obvious the unit was more of a cream colour.



Since we were trying to match the centrepiece in with the painting above the unit, we thought it would be a fun idea to paint the mirror frame to match, using only materials we already had at home. Hubby came up with the idea of putting a verse of some kind on the frame…. so we pondered how to do that also.



This is what we came up with….


Use masking tape to line the inside of the mirror (or glass) to stop paint from getting onto that surface.

(I’ve always watched them do this on Better Homes & Gardens in their projects – I felt so clever FINALLY being able to do this!)



Optional: use stickers to ‘write out’ the words you want on the frame. Press the edges down really firmly. You may want to test how your stickers go once they are wet with paint. Ours were a little hard to pull off.

Using a sponge, paint roughly over the frame, making sure you get all the edges/corners and the paint is roughly even. We ‘dabbed’ for a pretty effect and did only one coat so we had some of the white of the frame showing through.


Once the paint has dried, carefully pull off the letter stickers.

Pull off the masking tape.

DONE!  (Though I forgot to light the candles for this photo)

What do you think?? It didn’t cost us anything, and I love the way it matches now! 🙂

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