Do you find you get ‘cabin fever’ when you have a few home day, especially due to illness? Here are a few ideas of ways to turn some of the mundane into a bit of madness and make some fun memories with your kids doing every-day things! Have a try and see how many laughs you can have today and create some wonderful memories of time spent at home!


1. Put on a fake accent as you have a discussion.


2. Tie a shirt over your heads and be “cleanup Ninjas” that are so fast they cannot be seen!


3. Give your daughters one of your skirts or your son their daddy’s tie when they sit down to eat and surprise them by serving their meal like you were a waitress.


4. Use a favourite song as the sound-track for your cleanup, and pull out some of your best dance-moves.


5. Ride in an imaginary Police Car, Helicopter, Tractor or Convertable when you head off to another room to do something together (eg. clean teeth, have a bath). Don’t forget to close your doors, buckle up and pop on the lights and/or sirens!


6. Play peek-a-boo or just go crazy hiding behind whatever you are doing (eg. teatowl when doing the dishes, clothes when doing the laundry).


7. Put a candle on their sandwich/fruit and sing to celebrate something random.


8. Put on bedsocks to ice-skate around on your tiled or wooden floors.



Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below, and let’s see how big we can make the list!


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