Do you have a favourite “meal deal” you buy when you get fast food? I’m not talking about ‘gourmet’ take-away, like Chinese or Thai, but the over-the-counter-in-2-minutes-of-less Burger & Fries. When we’re “out and about” my hubby gravitates towards McDonalds like the planets revolve around the sun. It’s obsessive a habit.


Needless to say, when we’re travelling we often stop at the servo’s with the Golden Arches. There isn’t much choice, so that’s what we go for. However, given the choice, I wouldn’t always go to McDonalds. It’s not because they’re bad or anything (I actually quite like their Big Mac’s and Chocolate Sundae’s), but it’s not my favourite.


If I were to pick n mix to make up my own “Meal Deal”, this is what it would look like.

Whopper and Vanilla Thick Shakes from Hungry Jacks

Chips from KFC

Chocolate Sundae from McDonalds.


I am publicly admitting that when we’ve been in a Food Court, yes, I’ve been to more than one store. I don’t get all the above stuff (I’d be sick!), but there have been times when I’ve had a combination of the above favourites. I pick and choose what I feel like at the time.


There we go, it’s said. I’m picky.


Just like Jess, I’m an awesome blogger (modest too) so… I blog on Tuesdays 😉