What things do you find you get most unmotivated in? Is it big projects that are overwhelming, lifestyle goals like eating healthy and regular exercise that need constant monitoring, or the smaller tasky things like washing and dishes that you do over and over (and over) again? Everyone is different,  so everyone has different areas in which you struggle for motivation.


One way I’ve found helpful to find motivtion, is to find the value in the task I’m doing.  If you see value in doing it, then it’s much more likely you’ll have the intrinsic (internal) motivation to do the task.


But how do I find value in menial tasks, such as doing the washing and dishes over and over again?


First you need to work out what YOU value in life. This gives you the starting point.


Secondly, you need to find the link between what you’re doing and what you value.


If you cannot find the link at all, then I’d challenge you to think about why you are actually doing it, and if you are the one who should be doing it.




I’m really not a fan of doing the dishes (see all those sippy cups!! arggghhhh).

For me, the main things I value in life can be summed up in one word: Relationships.

So when I’m lacking motivation to do the dishes, some of the things I try to focus on include: 

1. I’m doing them joyfully as if serving the Lord (relationship with God)

2. I’m serving my family (relationship with husband+kids).

3. I’m teaching my children life skills and work ethic (relationship with kids)  

4. I’m maintaining order in our home in prepation for guests that may come over (relationships with family, friends, wider community)



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