You may have noticed it’s been just over a year since I’ve blogged. I’ve had a few people ask me in person about it, and a few people message me online to check I’m okay. Yes, I’m okay! So what happened? I didn’t really plan for it to happen…. I only meant to take a few days off…..


Hubby went overseas for a few weeks, our housemate moved out…. and I begun the process I called “reverse-nesting”. I reclaimed the extra space we now had, moving around furniture, cleaning, tidying…. I was in a bit of a frenzy. I put the computer I used to blog, which had been in the make-shift ‘office’ in our living room, into our new spare room. And I turned it OFF. Just for a day or two…. which became three or four….


Instead of having the computer on constantly, it was switched off. So when I’d normally sit down to type a quick blog or email etc, I would think “It’s not worth turning the computer on for, I’ll do it later”. I would do something more productive around the house (yay!).


I also was no longer able to blog in our living room whilst the kids played around me, as the computer was in the spare room. Goodbye to daytime blogging.


I’ve had some minor health problems as well, so about the same time I tried to cut out some night activities so I could get to sleep earlier and hopefully see an improvement in my health. Goodbye to nighttime blogging.


My 18month old had also stopped breastfeeding, so goodbye blogging whilst breastfeeding.


In the time off, I lost my blogging confidence. Lost my ‘mojo’. A few times I sat down to start again, and had half-written drafts (like this one I actually started 9 months ago – a few months after stopping blogging), but lost the words to say. I lost the ability to click ‘publish’.  I begun debating again about the blog name, blog direction and what I wanted to write about, but thats a whole other story for another day.


I’ve been challenged a few times over the past year (and again this week) about picking up blogging again. I’m thinking about it, probably just blogging a little less often. I love to write and get my thoughts out and record things that happen. I now have another newborn, so am back in the breastfeeding stage again, and thus more time to think and write (in theory!).


So what’s in store for the future of I’m not exactly sure. Stay tuned…