I have no idea where this recipe came from originally, but I remember making it as my “cooking demonstration” for my class in grade 3. That’s over 20 years ago :/

This year I tried “Googling” to find a good chocolate truffle recipe similar to this ( I remembered the ingredients, just not the quantities!) so ended up ringing my parents to get them to dig through mum’s recipes to find this one. Here it is! So simple, even the kids can make it!



250g icing mixture

125g butter

50g cocoa

2 drops imitation rum (rum essence)

Optional: Something to coat truffles (eg. Sprinkles, coconut, drinking chocolate, crushed nuts)



Mix until combined. (In Thermomix – 15sec on sp6).

Roll into balls.

Leave balls as they are or coat in coconut, sprinkles or crushed nuts etc.

That’s it.

You’re welcome.