Goal 6) Exercise daily for 2 weeks straight – CHECK!


Having regular exercise and developing fitness for me effects my daily living far more than numbers on the scale or the clothes that I wear. I am a very blessed person to be in no way overweight. I have a curvy figure with a few bumps, but fall within the recommended BMI. For me, my weight and fitness is more about feeling good, being healthy and being proactive to keep some medical issues at bay:


  • My muscles are naturally tight, and my tendency towards stress comes out in increased muscle tension.  (You should see me in a Body Balance class at the gym – quite funny cause I’m not flexible at ALL! hehe)
  • Regular fitness (as the research says) also makes a huge difference to my mental health. Especially at the moment whilst I’m not getting good sleep because of the kids, I am much more positive and able to cope with things when I’ve been doing regular exercise.


Since B2 was born 5 months ago, exercise had been a bit of a struggle for me. I used to really enjoy going for walks with B1 in the pram with my iPod or with my special walking buddy. I even lost quite a few cm off my hips in my last trimester of pregnancy because of all the walking we did together (but put it back on plus more due to the bad eating and lack of exercise after he was born!).


In recent months this special walking buddy has moved overseas, and now whenever I think about going for a walk I find that I miss her terribly. It took me quite a while to realise that I was making excuse after excuse not to walk so that I didn’t miss her (eg. too hot, need to cook dinner, hard to walk with double pram etc.). As much as I pretended my excuses were legitimate, I know they’re not.


We had a friend loan us a treadmill a while back for hubby to use, and I’ve found it really helpful for when the kids are asleep. Thanks also to a very awesome deal online, I managed to get a month of membership at the gym down the road from us for $5. It was the kickstart that I needed to get back into the swing of exercise, and I’ve been really enjoying it. I’ve got 2 more weeks at the gym to go, and then I’m hoping to get medical clearance from the physio to attend a bootcamp for a few weeks.

Treadmill in our lounge room with motivational posters
(thanks to facebook) 😀

Here’s how my fortnight looked:

Monday: Body Balance class
Tuesday: Treadmill
Wednesday: CxWorx class
Thursday: Body Balance
Friday: Treadmill
Saturday: Boxing with hubby & Treadmill
Sunday: Treadmill
Monday: Body Balance & Treadmill
Tuesday: Treadmill
Wednesday: CxWorx Class & Treadmill
Thursday: Body Balance Class & Treadmill
Friday: Treadmill & CxWorx Class
Saturday: Treadmill
Sunday: Treadmill


What’s your best excuse for getting out of exercise??

P.S. There are heaps of different websites now that offer “daily deals” that often include gym memberships or bootcamps etc. They are often only available for 24hrs, so you can sign up for emails to notify you of the deails. Some of these include Scoopon, Grabone, Spreets, Groupon, Cudo & LivingSocial.