Ouch! Should we be struggling with this one?!


We recently had what hubby and I have deemed to be the first of our five “Family Outing” days. It wasn’t overly exciting, but it was a day spent together, and not at home. Mostly. 🙂


After an afternoon with my overseas friends and a night away visiting my lovely in-laws, we then had our “family day” – going for a short family bike ride with B1 in the morning, shopping for B1’s new undies for toilet training, having lunch together and a long drive home listening to a sermon (yay, John Piper) and chatting, ending with frozen leftovers for dinner at home. Our plans for our future outings are a bit more exciting, like strawberry picking and taking the kids on a City Cat (another of my goals).


What has struck me with this goal, though, is how hard it has been just to get a day where we don’t have things planned and can actually spend a day just as a family.


As I sit and write this blog post on a Saturday afternoon at home, I’m reminded of how nice it is though just to “be still”, to relax. When I’m home I put the pressure on myself to be “doing” all the things that need to be done – dishes, playing with kids, washing, more dishes, playdates, cleaning, errands etc. And now add my goals & blogging to the list 🙂 Often when hubby and I have a spare day or half-day we’ve got massive to-do lists to accomplish, or we’re just so tired we sleep or veg.


So my goal is to have some “free” days where we can just be together as a family. It doesn’t matter so much what we do, just that we’re not juggling housework with kids with social events or hobbies etc., and so for us the best place to do that is not at home. This is the reasons it is one of my goals, because we know it’s an area we need to work on.


So… One down, four to go! I’m looking forward to them!


What’s your favourite thing to do as a family outing?