In recent times I’ve been doing lots of driving because my hubby has been unable to drive after dislocating his shoulder just over a month ago. On the day I was inspired to write this post I spent 12 hours “on the go”, from taxiing hubby from physio appointment to specialist appointment, getting mortgage papers witnessed by a JP, picking things up, dropping things off, paying bills, visiting people, making phonecalls, and then coming home to cook dinner before heading out again on to run more errands and visit a friend.


As I reflected on the day I started to think that if running errands was a game, this is how I would play.


Collect and lose points as per the below descriptions.
Aim is to get the highest possible points.
Play until you finish your errands or crash, whichever happens first.



  • Taking children with you – 10 points per child
  • Taking a baby needing both milk and puree’s – bonus 10 points
  • Make arrangements “on the fly” successfully to drop items to a friend heading out whilst hubby at 45min appointment – 15 points
  • Drink entire bottle of water – 5 points
  • Forget to organize to visit parents whilst hubby in appointment and have disappointed toddler – minus 20 points
  • Entertain toddler in parked car for 20min when you don’t have toys or books – 15points
  • Have morning tea packed from home – 5 points
  • Sms parents to arrange to visit whilst hubby in next physio appt – 5 points
  • Complete three errands in one stop – 15 points
  • Have to stand in a Queue – add 2 points per person/group
  • Add another 1 point per minute waiting.
  • Breastfeed squirmy baby whilst eating subway – 10 points
  • Don’t spill subway filling on yourself – 25 points
  • Spill on baby – minus 10 points
  • Running late for appt – minus 20 points
  • Don’t get speeding ticket from radar I didn’t see – 40 points (I hope!)
  • Have appointments scheduled with less than an hour gap – 10 points for bravery & optimism, minus 10 points for stupidity
  • Take your own shopping bags – 5 points
  • Use a self-serve checkout – 5 points
  • Successfully make arrangements “on the fly” again (this time to see a JP after first attempt failed miserably) – 30 points
  • Fill up with petrol proactively – 5 points
  • Getting kids in and out of the carseats –  5 points per stop
  • Remember list of 5 items to pickup when stop home that friend requested on speakerphone whilst driving – 25 points
  • Make arrangements to detour to pickup extra item for friend on route that evening – 10 points
  • Come home from a day out and have dinner ready for family within an hour – 40 points
  • Draft a blog post while breastfeeding and dinner cooks – 10 points
  • Cancel arrangements to pickup extra item when told no longer needed – 5 points
  • Skip dinner – minus 30 points
  • Don’t get lost following iphone map directions in peak traffic – 5 points
  • Make friends with a stranger whilst waiting at hospital – 15 points
  • When baby overdue for sleep, keep him quiet after visiting hours finished – 20 points
  • Eat homemade banana bread on drive home – 5 points
  • (Find crumbs on car seat the next day – minus 10 points)

What kinds of things would you award points for if you were to make your errands into a game??