For those of you who have followed my facebook page, you would know that I recently started on  goal 13 – to sell something on ebay. My husband has sold some things over the years, but I never have. When doing cleanouts I’ve thought to myself many times “I could put that on ebay”, but have never done it. Always given it away, thrown it out (easiest) or just kept it.

So I did a bit of reading, asked some questions, read some more, setup a paypal account and, kazzam, I listed an item. And then another. And then another 🙂

Given that we have got plenty of great clothes for B2 (especially thanks to some fabulous hand-me-downs from some of my lovely friends at church – THANKYOU!), there was really no need to hang onto some of the clothes that I had bought discounted and had not taken the tags off.

So I popped them onto ebay, hoping to reclaim my money back so that I can buy the clothes I need for my older son (whom I don’t have hand-me-downs for).

So far 4 of the items have got $0.99 bids on them! Hoping they go for a bit higher, so I can recover the money I spent. But if not,thats fine. It’s better than nothing for me, and hopefully they’ll be a blessing wherever they go to live next!