Disclaimer: It is not recommended that you eat any food whilst it is hot that might burn your child.

So you’ve gone 9months of pregnancy, having to avoid certain things that might harm your unborn child. Some people take this to greater or lesser extents than others, but generally there are at least some things we parents go without. Then the baby comes. If you’re breastfeeding, then you can get hit with a whole new list of “things to avoid”. Cabbage, brocoli, onions, cheeses, curries, alcohol, certain medications etc. …


Some babies are more tolerant than others. When breastfeeding B1, I learned after a few weeks that I could not eat dairy or most fruit & vegetables or it would cause him insane amounts of wind/pain. I lived on carbs & protein with a few ‘safe’ veges. When I gave in and had a bowl of icecream, we’d both pay for it later. It was certainly a trying time for me. But that is not what this list is all about. This is a far more practical list.


This is a list for when you have to breastfeed but are extremely hungry and have to eat something NOW… or you have a screaming baby that won’t settle and you are there for what seems like a billion years quite a while trying to rock them to sleep, or when you’re out somewhere and can’t put your baby down so have no choice but to eat with a baby in your arms… or you’ve been waiting and waiting to cuddle that gorgeous baby and stealing the baby for a snuggle whilst you eat is the only time. THIS is the list for you! So here it is…


My Top 5 foods to avoid whilst breastfeeding or nursing a baby.

1) Spaghetti Bolognaise. As fun as it is to twirl it around the fork and eat it like a pro, when you get half way to your mouth and your baby moves, you look down, it unravels. Yup, big mess on baby. Depends on the age of your bub, but if it gets onto that lovely white wondersuit before your baby starts solids, it’s a bit hard to pass it off as the baby’s mess.


2) Porridge. The breakfast that was creamy and sugary in a former life isn’t so great when it’s a cold and lumpy gel that bounces off baby’s cheek when you accidentally spill it off the spoon.


3) mini M&Ms. Yum! The problem with these is that they are so small that you want to grab a little, petite, ladylike handful and throw them into your mouth at once. Who want’s to have just one of these at a time? Not me. So when you take a handful and lean back to throw them into your mouth on a funny angle because you have a baby across your lap where your elbow normally is, there’s no doubt going to be a little escapee that jumps away and falls down into your chair (and who wants to dig down in there?) or finds a nice hiding place inside your lovely white bra only to be found hours later once it’s left a nice red stain. Totally not speaking from personal experience here.


4) Sausage Rolls and Meat Pies. Even party size. They may look like a nice “finger food” option to nibble on one-handed when you’re out but don’t be fooled! Wow. Whilst that pastry is delicious to savour, it is crumbly, flakes and falls apart. Without cutlery and a plate to lean over, it goes everywhere. All over you and all over baby. And that’s not even mentioning the “sauce factor”*.

*sauce factor = huge risk of dripping the dipping sauce over yourself or child in your arms. Another staining opportunity for yourself and that lovely white outfit your child is wearing.

5) Fried Rice. With a thick and binding sauce on rice, it is more likely to be a success. A yummy, sticky fried rice though, is not as likely to have a postive outcome. Whether using chopsticks, spoon or fork, those little bits of rice after often uncooperative. Like the m&m’s, rice are often daredevils that like to jump from heights and then hide in the most inconvenient of places, either needing to be discreetly dug out or cleaned up later.


Image Credit: by Flickr User: Oh Nuts